Patrick Padley AvatarPatrick Padley is a digital marketing strategist, creative storyteller, speaker, coffee addict, and blogger. He has had the pleasure of working with brands such as Hyatt, Hallmark, Kansas City Royals, Helzberg Diamonds, Lee Jeans, AMC, and Timberland.

Patrick is currently a Director of Strategy at Padley Media, LLC (his consulting company). In this role, he bridges strategic planning, creative, and team leadership. He develops and sets the strategic “North Star”, translates these strategies into integrated campaigns and sells that vision to clients. He possesses a keen understanding of how digital channels and creative elements mix together to support business goals.

Patrick previously served on the board of the Kansas City Ad Council, and SQPN, an international non-profit organization that creates engaging Catholic new media. Pat has been part of the Catholic media evolution since the early 2000’s and co-produced In Between Sundays and On The U, two Catholic podcasts for young adults. He is an alumnus of The University of Tulsa and graduated with a degree in Film Studies and Marketing.

A digital strategist by day and a pizza chef wannabe by night – when he isn’t working or tackling a dirty diaper, Pat enjoys playing piano, posting the beauty of life’s ordinary moments to Instagram, maintaining his beard, silly dances with his daughters and running a Catholic blog with his wife.

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About the site:

The purpose of this site is to share my insight into creativity, digital marketing and how these strategies can be applied for evangelization. My hope is that over time the site becomes a dynamic collection of ideas that inspire you and provides you real value. As of late, most of my writing lives on Medium.

I also write at A Couple of Catholics with my wife Nicole. On that blog, we talk about faith, intentional living, and marriage.

About Pat’s music:

Pat was first introduced to music when he joined the school choir in 5th grade. While in high school he developed a greater love for music by acting and singing in on-stage musicals. In addition to learning music at school, Patrick furthered his passion by taking 6 years of drum lessons. After quickly picking up piano between his freshman year of high school, he started composing instrumental pieces.

Patrick’s first album, Embodiment, was published in September of 2004. The solo piano music is well-suited for studying, daydreaming, reading or just relaxing. You can listen to his music here>>

Can I quote you?

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