Rosary Giveaway [updated]

While visiting the Atlanta Eucharistic Congress three years ago I came across an amazing Catholic organization named Rosary Army. Their goal; to evangelize the faith through promotion of the Rosary prayer. Their motto; Make them. Pray them. Give them away.

Rosary Army: Make Them. Pray Them. Give Them Away.

During the Eucharistic congress I was walking through the room where all the merchants were set up when a woman came up to me. She said, “Want to learn how to make a rosary?” I was instantly intrigued, because a friend of mine had been making rosaries for the past few months.

I was pretty terrible at it, but now I’ve sorta got it down. Rosary Army has this awesome video on how to make them. It’s pretty simple, they’ll even send you twine and other materials to make them.

So I encourage you to check them out and if you want to get a free rosary from them, they’ll ship you one!

Post Update:

Here’s a video that Greg put together for Lent 2010.