Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Day Club

When I grew up Thanksgiving dinner consisted of 20 plus pound turkey and a large buffet of traditional side dishes. For the average family the leftovers from the bird would feed them for about a week. At the Padley household, a couple of days. Having two older brothers, I had to fend for my food.

This year it was a pretty quiet feast with just a few family members, so I had some free time to be creative with my holiday leftovers. And thus, the “Turkey Day Club” was born.

Turkey Day Club
The final sandwich
Stuffing on Bread
Start with some bread and spread stuffing on top of it.
Spread cranberry suace
Spread some cranberry sauce across the top
Add coleslaw
Add a layer of your favorite coleslaw
Add Gravy to the Turkey Day Club
The final touch by adding gravy to the top
Turkey Day Club
The final sandwich